Orthodontics for adults

Orthodontics for adults

Although most people think that the sole purpose of orthodontics is an improvement of their appearance, this is not quite right. There many more reasons to have straight teeth. Today one in five orthodontic patients is an adult.

See why below:

  • Crooked teeth accumulate more food on their surface and create an environment for gum disease, periodontitis and caries.
  • If the bite is off, teeth are more prone to attrition.
  • In case dental work is required in misaligned teeth, it may not be done ideally by your dentist; restorations (fillings, crowns and bridgework) are likely to last less.
  • With straight teeth, you can bite, chew and speak more effectively. Properly aligned teeth and jaws not only contribute to healthier teeth and gums, they may even alleviate or prevent physical health problems.
  • Finally, orthodontic treatment will straighten the crooked teeth that have restrained you for years; your beautiful smile will boost your self esteem.

Adult patients are naturally skeptical about how orthodontic treatment will affect their busy, everyday life. Thanks to innovations like Invisalign and other discrete appliances that we use in adult orthodontic treatment, we have been creating successful results at almost any age. Furthermore, the latest combination of tooth moving appliances and orthodontic mini implants further reduces treatment time and sometimes even excludes the need for jaw surgery. Thanks to the state of the art technology and treatment modalities performed in our office, the time you will spend is not excessive and visits are not that frequent.

In adult orthodontic treatment we closely collaborate with all fields of dentistry, your general dentist and other specialists, all contributing to your dental health. At the end of treatment, teeth whitening and other esthetic procedures complete the picture of your teeth, creating a top notch esthetic result. Your treatment in Your Smile Orthodontics will commence having this goal in mind!

Orthodontics is one of the few procedures that will improve your looks and your health at the same time. An attractive smile is a wonderful asset to display. It contributes to your self-confidence and your self-image, which are important qualities at any age.

Adult’s First Orthodontic Visit

It is never too late to pursue a great smile. Modern orthodontics create beautiful smiles at almost every age!

On your first visit Dr Theodoridis will evaluate the type of appliance that can be used in your particular case and will answer any question you may have. We will also show you models of orthodontic appliances that may be used in your treatment.

Before orthodontic treatment starts, we will need to evaluate the following diagnostic records:

  • Digital panoramic and cephalometric xrays
  • Dental casts
  • Periodontal exam
  • Digital photos for your teeth

After analyzing these records, the doctor will prepare the final diagnosis and suggested treatment plan for you particular case. In this way you will know the exact treatment time and specific details of your orthodontic treatment well before you start.

In adult orthodontic treatment, our cooperation with your general dentist is important. At the end of your treatment, teeth bleaching and other esthetic procedures performed by your dentist complement the orthodontic result.