Orthodontics for Τeens

Orthodontics for teens


Due to their sensitive age, adolescents are a very special group of orthodontic patients. A gentle approach towards them along with the thorough explanation of the benefits of orthodontics are fundamental principles for our office’s team, in order to make their treatment a pleasant experience that will proceed fast and finish on time.

The orthodontic appliances for tooth movement that we use when treating teenage patients belong to one of the following categories:

Invisalign Teen™

Invisalign Teen™ is the clear orthodontic solution designed especially with teenage patients in mind. Appliances are almost invisible and adjustment visits are fewer! Invisalign Teen™ is custom tailored to young boys and girls who are constantly on the move and hesitate to wear braces. The technique uses the same technology as used for adults, with clear, almost invisible, plastic membranes (called “aligners”) that change every two weeks and gradually move teeth little by little. Teens have one more reason to smile thanks to Invisalign!

  • Titanium braces

They are made of the top quality medical material what so ever. They are 30% smaller than usual braces and thus more comfortable. They do not liberate harmful ions in the mouth during treatment and they tend to stay in place without unnecessary bond failures, delays and extra appointments. In addition, all patients can select their favorite colors from a big variety and give that special touch to their smile during treatment. The products we use are manufactured in the USA. We do not use any recycled appliances.
Titanium brackets (Οrmco, Titanium Orthos™ ΙΙ) is the appliance of our choice for the treatment with fixed orthodontic appliances. Titanium is widely known in the medical field by its use in medical implants and prosthesis. It is the most biocompatible material in medicine.

Our office does ΝΟΤ use recycled brackets.


  • teen_thumb2Results in better bonding with teeth, fewer “lost” brackets, fewer fixation visits and no delays
  • Is statistically better positioned onto the teeth by the doctor and thus fewer corrections are needed before completion
  • Sustains 70% less oxidation than ordinary metal brackets and fewer ions are liberated in the mouth during treatment
  • Contains no nickel, a substance that has been accused of toxicity and destruction of oral mucosa cells
  • Causes less damage on the tooth surface when it is removed at the end of treatment

Furthermore, all appliances that we use besides brackets are manufactured by specialized technicians in an outside orthodontic laboratory. The materials used for their manufacture conform to the European safety regulations for their intended use. Every appliance is custom made for each patient and cannot be reused. The colors used during the manufacture of acrylics are nontoxic and the appliances are disinfected prior to insertion in patients’ mouth.

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